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Ferret Tower of Fun Playsets and Accessories

FerretTower.com started as The Ferret Villa Shelter, Inc.  We became 501c3 back in 2011.  The Ferret Villa Shelter is located in Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area.  You will find us listed with the American Ferret Association and Support Our Shelters Organization.  Cindy serves as a board member of F.E.R.R.E.T. (Ferret, Emergency, Response, Rescue & Evacuation Team), as well as other ferret groups and organizations.  Relocation of ferrets is another activity provided.
We opened the doors of the shelter in 2003 to assist other shelters that were overcrowded. As time went on we began to work with the Kenton County Animal Shelter in Northern Kentucky, which is a kill shelter having no facility for ferrets.  We began picking up all ferrets from this shelter to save these ferrets.  Our goals are simple: To prevent ferrets from being unnecessarily euthanized.  

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